Sunday, December 7, 2008

Clean-up task undertaken

Over the last couple of years, our database got filled up with links to a lot of blogs that were not getting updated regularly. In order to give our readers the best of cricket blogosphere, I took it upon myself to delete such blogs.

One thing that I realized by taking up the clean-up task is that there are a very very few good cricket blogs on the www. And if they are any good, they are probably already linked to by

I deleted the following blogs that was linking to:
1. Six and Out
2. The Burnt Bail
3. CricInfo select
4. Alex barnett
5. BlogCritics
6. JumpCut
7. Now Public
8. India eNews
9. Jhakas
10. Newsman
11. BritBlog
12. Monsters and Critics Cricket
13. Fox Cricket Blog
14. The Third Umpire
16. CricketView Point
17. Beer CHips
18. Caught Behind
19. Cricket Etcetera
20. cricket view point
21. Cricket News - My cricket blog
22. Ashes 2006 Blog
The Cricket Astrologer Bl...

If you are the owner of these blogs and you have become an active blogger once again, do let us know. We'll be happy to link to you.

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