Sunday, December 7, 2008

Clean-up task undertaken

Over the last couple of years, our database got filled up with links to a lot of blogs that were not getting updated regularly. In order to give our readers the best of cricket blogosphere, I took it upon myself to delete such blogs.

One thing that I realized by taking up the clean-up task is that there are a very very few good cricket blogs on the www. And if they are any good, they are probably already linked to by

I deleted the following blogs that was linking to:
1. Six and Out
2. The Burnt Bail
3. CricInfo select
4. Alex barnett
5. BlogCritics
6. JumpCut
7. Now Public
8. India eNews
9. Jhakas
10. Newsman
11. BritBlog
12. Monsters and Critics Cricket
13. Fox Cricket Blog
14. The Third Umpire
16. CricketView Point
17. Beer CHips
18. Caught Behind
19. Cricket Etcetera
20. cricket view point
21. Cricket News - My cricket blog
22. Ashes 2006 Blog
The Cricket Astrologer Bl...

If you are the owner of these blogs and you have become an active blogger once again, do let us know. We'll be happy to link to you.

New blogs, video sharing sites?

At, we are in the process of overhauling some of the blog, video sites that we link to. Over the last 6 months, we found that some of the blogs post too few entries to be considered serious, and a few other video sharing sites just don't have high-quality cricket content.

If there is a blog/video sharing site that you follow, please share with us. Here are some broad criteria -
  • Blogs must post at least 2 items per week.
  • Blogs must be clean, well-written and void of any profane language.
  • We don't want sites that exist only to make money out of ads.
Thanks -
CricketerNews admin team

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Editorial: We owe England big

If England indeed decide to tour India, the first Test match will be underway in a week. This would be the first big event of such kind to be hosted in India post the shock of 11/26 and 60-hour long ordeal that followed. Even if England show up with half of their star players missing, it would still be an event to cherish and celebrate.

All the symbolism apart, if England show up, it would be because they trust India. They trust the fact that under the aegis of Indian security forces, their lives are safe. It would be because, by playing the two Test matches, they would earn every bit of respect and fame every athlete craves for and deserves. It would be because they realize that the risks - however big or small - *are* worth taking.

And for that, we Indians owe them. I am not the one who believes in the symbolism this Test series will hold. At the end of the day, it is just a sport. Trivial compared to the scenes seen on TV around the world last week. Trivial compared to the enormous loss that the families have suffered. Trivial compared to the fact that the attacks tried to threaten the very manner in which we Indians live our lives.

But the fact that 15 or so cricketers who represent their country honorably, and who all are stars in their own right decide to embark on a journey to our homeland when we could use every ounce of support - that is not trivial. And for that we Indians owe them. Ever since the dust settled outside the Nariman House, the vibes sent out by the ECB have been nothing short of reassuring. And for that we owe them - even if this series does not take place.

If it does, and we get 10 days of high quality cricket, the onus will be on every cricket fan in Chennai and Mohali to return the favor.Return the favor by showing up at the venues and supporting the team that you have always supported. No banners, no hoardings needed. Just show up and show how we care. The world will be watching.